How Online Gift Certificates Work - FAQ


So how do online gift certificates from fit into your business model?

aGCO offers a completely configurable system which allows you to run your business the way you always have, or update it if you prefer.

You can offer "Print-Your-Own-Gift-Certificate" functionality to your customers or use the traditional fulfillment model: you send out the gift certificate or gift card once you have received the customer's payment via GCO.

We don't force you into our business model, we adapt to yours.

Any way you want to offer your customers online gift certificates, will work for you!


Answers to some common questions:

Q: What do your services cost?

A: charges a fee to set up and "skin" (we create graphics and colors to match your current website as closely as possible). All fees are detailed here. A transaction fee is charged each month (with a minimum montly service charge if your transaction fees fall below the minimum amount for a given month) and we also offer a flat-rate service based on your annual transaction volume. Please contact us for details). If you opt to offer printable gift certificates, an additional setup fee may be required for setups beyond our standard printable gift certificate setup. Please contact us at for full pricing details.


Q: Where does my customer's money go when a gift certificate is purchased?

A: All your customer's money flows directly into your bank account; we do not "hold" it in our own account like PayPal Gift Certificates and some of our other competitors do. PayPal holds your customer's money until your customer redeems their gift certificate -- you may not see that money for up to 18 months! (NOTE: PayPal's Gift Certificate program is not the same as the PayPal payment gateway that we offer below; they are two separate systems).


Q: How will I be billed for your services?

A: We bill the setup fee and the transaction fees (or your flat-rate fee) monthly directly to your major credit card.


Q: Does do fulfillment (mailing) of gift cards?

A: No, we do not offer physical mailing of gift cards or gift certificates. Our clients typically sell gift cards or gift certificates in their places of business already. simply provides a way to sell those gift cards or gift certificates online. Of course, our printable gift certificates means that many customers opt to do their own "fulfillment" by printing out their own gift certificate and presenting it to their recipient.


Q: Do your services include payment gateway fees?

A: No. is a gift certificate sales system, but we do not operate our own payment gateway. We have integrated two of the most trusted and largest payment gateway systems into our own product: and PayPal's own Website Payments Pro. If you already use one of these payment gateways for your internet product sales, we can integrate them quickly. NEW: If you select the PayPal payment gateway, we can help get it set up for you remotely via a great application called TeamViewer.


Q: Does integrate with other backoffice systems?

A: In order to keep our fees as low as possible and ensure the most flexibility, does not interact with any of your other backoffice software. This allows you to continue to do "business as usual" while adding the power of online gift certificate sales to your website (usually within 48 hours of completing your payment gateway setup!)


Q: Do I need to do anything to get ready to use

A: Simply sign up using our easy signup form. You should also already have (or sign up for) either:

  • A PayPal Website Payments Pro account (NOTE: this is NOT their "Payflow Pro" service) - many of our clients opt for the PayPal payment gateway as it is the fastest way to sign up and features very competitive rates. We recommend it for first-timers.

  • A similar "card-not-present" merchant banking account compatible with (your merchant bank will be able to tell you if your account is compatible with and get you set up.)


Q: How do we know when a printed gift certificate has been redeemed?

A: Your printable gift certificates are marked with a unique ID and barcode. When presented with the printed gift certificate at any of your locations, you need only log in to the admin interface and mark the given gift certificate as REDEEMED. Multiple locations are no problem: once a gift certificate has been marked redeemed every one of your locations will see the update.


Q: What do's printable gift certificates look like?

A: Printable gift certificates are semi-customized for our clients, marked with a unique ID and barcode and can include optional promotional text. You can view a PDF sample gift certificate here (you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed). This layout is the basic layout that all our clients receive. Unfortunately we've found that very complex and fancy graphics tends to slow down the PDF download considerably (printing uses much higher DPI ratios than web graphics) and thus we very much discourage (to the point of not doing it!) using custom full-page graphics. Our own layout has been optimized for speedy delivery and thousands of downloads later, we haven't had a single complaint about the modest graphics. Internet customers typically want FAST delivery, not fancy graphics!


Q: Does work in both the U.S. and Canada?

A: Yes! Our online gift certificate sales system is ready to work in both US dollars as well as Canadian dollars.